About Us

The Balloon Studio was founded on a belief in creating "excellence". Many people refer us to a balloon company but we refer ourselves as... an "Atelier" which translates to the word "Workshop" in French. 

Why is that so?

The idea of a workshop embodies the spirit of craftmanship, artisanal products, and the dedication to beauty. It is also a term to describe a place where magic, happiness, creativity, and ideas are being materialized. This resonates with our desire to create quality and conceptualize something amazing for you. 

Nonetheless, we also strongly view that taste is very subjective. We believe in ultimately, creating something that is pleasing to You! Thus, if you have a bright idea or a rad party that you think we are able to help with, feel free to reach out to us directly at +65 6980 2992 or +65 9748 0427.

We can't wait to work together and bring your idea to life!